Safe Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

Following the traffic light reduces the chances of accidents, so the rules of the traffic light should be followed.

Follow Traffic Signals

A seatbelt extends the stopping force required to reduce speed to the rider throughout their body.  It prevents the body from hitting the steering column or windshield of a speeding car.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Drink and driving is a leading cause of global road traffic deaths.

Don’t Drive Drunk

If you are going to go on a long journey, then make sure to complete your sleep well before that day, otherwise you may have a nap while driving, which can lead to an accident.

Sleep The Night Before You Leave

Do Not Use Your Mobile Device : Using mobile while driving can cause accident because using mobile can distract your attention.

the blind spots where even the most attentive truck driver cannot see other vehicles.

Avoid The NO-Zone

Swipe UP

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