(2022) Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Quotes

"The Only Thing I Do Know Is That We Have To Be Kind. Please, Be Kind. Especially When We Don't Know What's Going On."

— Becky.

“You Have So Many Goals You Never Finished, Dreams You Never Followed. You're Living Your Worst You.”

Waymond Wang

"The Universe Is So Much Bigger Than You Realize"

— Alpha Waymond

"Of All The Places I Could Be, I Just Want To Be Here With You."

— Evelyn

I always learn something when I hang out with elderly people. Old people are so wise.

Becky Sregor

“Every New Discovery Is Just A Reminder…” “We're All Small And Stupid.”

Joy Wang

“If Nothing Matters, Then All The Pain And Guilt You Feel For Making Nothing Of Your Life Goes Away – Sucked Into A Bagel.”

Joy Wang

“I Saw My Life Without You. I Wish You Could Have Seen It… It Was Beautiful.”

Evelyn Wang

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