How Soon is  Too Soon to Propose? 

Falling in love with the right person makes everything feel better..

And when you think the person you're dating is perfect, you just can't let them go!

When you feel something for someone special, it is really important to tell them about it.

But being in a hurry could spoil up everything and you might end up in tears.

So, How Soon is Too Soon to Propose?

And What is the right time to Propose Someone?

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You may want to tell them about these feelings as soon as possible. But this soon shouldn't make your conversation the last one! Yeah, some people fall in love at the first glance and their proposal gets accepted too..  But, it happens rarely.

It's all about creating a bond with them. Someone might fall in love with you within 3 seconds and someone might take 3 years!

So, How Soon is Too Soon to Propose?

When you feel that they're also paying the same attention, giving you the same care or even extra, there are chances that they're also in love with you.

What is the right time to Propose Someone?

You should try dropping hints first.. And see how they react to it.. Wait until you feel like they love you too! If they are on the same track you are walking on, it is the perfect time to propose them.

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