“I'm just a regular 16 year old kid. I make good grilled cheese and I like girls.” ― justin bieber

“There's gonna be times when people tell you that you can't live your dreams, this is what I tell them, Never Say Never.” ― Justin Bieber

“The success I've achieved comes to me from God” ― Justin Biebe

“Haters will say what they want, but their hate will never stop you from chasing your dream” ― Justin Bieber

“I'm not a fighter by nature, but, if I believe in something, I stand up for it” ― Justin Bieber

“I think older people can appreciate my music because I really show my heart when I sing, and it's not corny. I think I can grow as an artist, and my fans will grow with me.” ― Justin Bieber

“Keep Going Strong!” ― Justin Bieber

“Every one of my fans is so special to me” ― Justin Bieber

“Never Say Never if you know you can do what you love don't give up.” ― Justin Bieber

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