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Famous Ninja Quotes and Sayings

A ninja is a person whose clothes are very bright and he is very knowledgeable in martial arts and ninja techniques. Many people think that the upcoming ninja show on TV is just fiction and has no meaning in real life. If you also think so, then let us tell you that there are real ninjas and the country to which the ninja belongs is called Japan. However, in the present time, there is very little ninja technology in Japan and even after doing a lot of research there will not be much ninja in the present time. In order to become a ninja, along with martial arts, you will also have to learn kung fu. For your information, let us tell you that in martial arts, you are given training on how to defend yourself from enemies, whereas in Kung Fu, you are given practical and verbal information about how and how to attack the enemy. If you are a Ninja lover, these famous Ninja Quotes and sayings are just for you.

Ninja Quotes

  • My Secret Passion Is Motorbikes I Want A Kawasaki Ninja
  • The First Priority To The Ninja Is To Win Without Fighting
  • I Never Go Back On My Word Thats My Nindo My Ninja Way
  • “Looking for the meaning of life, one man can discover the order of the universe. To discover the truth, to achieve. A higher spiritual state that is the true meaning of ninja.
Top 10 Ninja Quotes

“Only a ninja can stop a ninja.”

  • “Looking for the meaning of life, one man can discover the order of the universe. To discover the truth, to achieve. A higher spiritual state that is the true meaning of ninja.”
Ninja Quotes for Instagram

“Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them.”

  • “Only a ninja can stop a ninja.”
  • “Ninja should have the benevolence to protect men of justice since there are lots of good and respectable people in the world.
  • “True ninjas are always outnumbered, because they are individuals.”
  • “The true ninja doesn’t make a splash at all.”
  • “I call this one the Ninja Center-fold!”
  • “Unless you are actually a ninja, a guru, or a rock star, don’t ever use any of those terms in your bio. Ever.”
  • “I’m a natural-born ninja saddled with the awkward grace of a drunk camel.”
  • “If they think first place is the winner, then they don’t know a ninja.”
  • “I want to meet the man who saw a turtle and said, ‘People will love the ninja version of that.’”
  • “I may not look like much, but I’m an expert at pretending to be a ninja.”
  • “The first rule of being a ninja is, ‘Do no harm.’ Unless you mean to do harm. Then do lots of harm.”
  • “Remind me… are you secretly a ninja?”
  • “Am I not ninja enough? Are you saying that I lack ninja?”
  • “I remember I wanted to be Zorro, but I also wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I obviously had ideas above my station.”
  • “When I was a boy, I wanted to be a Ninja. Now I am a man, now I am a Ninja.
  • “I grew up watching ‘Power Rangers,’ ‘Ninja Turtles’, ‘Batman’… And that’s what I used to play with my friends. We would have the masks and the swords and pretend we had super powers.”
  • “I’ll be honest – I never saw myself making a ninja movie, never entertained the idea. I think ninja films can be quite cheesy unless you do them in feudal Japan.”
  • “Knowing when to leave requires training.”
  • Ninja? You’re a ninja? You’re the big fat ninja everyone’s talking about, aren’t you?”
  • “I may not be a great ninja; I may not be one with the universe; but I will say this: no one messes with my brother.”
  • “The blackness of my belt is like the inside of a coffin on a moonless night.”
  • “We would all be fortunate to have a heart as big as yours
  • Listen to what I’m saying. With your skills, we could make some easy money”
  • “You are ready, my son. I will be with you indeed and in my heart. Follow the Bushido.”
  • “This is Shinyuki. I found him in the jungle when I bought the estate, dressed in the uniform of a Japanese soldier, unaware for many years that the war was over. He never says a word.”
  • Victor Ortega, ‘American Ninja Warrior’.
  • “Well according to witness’s testimony and evidence, this massacre was the work of ninjas.”

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  • “These symbols will give your mind ultimate purpose. Gin, Retsu, Zai, Zen.”
  • “Jackson, I don’t want to fight, I hate crowds, and I don’t need money.”
  • “The Kobudera. Ninja magic. Ninjitsu-to, the ability to seem invisible to cause fear and paralisis in your enemies.”
  • “Come, little brother. Let us play like old times.”
  • “For sixty years I’ve told this story. No one believed me. But you are real, aren’t you
  • “I’ve never faced this kind of thing! For ninjas it’s unbelievable!”
  • “No other showed such promise. You were the son I never had. Do you know how your betrayal felt?”
  • “This is not my family. You are not my father. And the breath I take after I kill you will be the first breath of my life.”
  • “What did you just say, old man? I know you didn’t just disrespect me, did you? Are you that stupid? You disrespect me, I’ll tattoo the ceiling with your brains.”
  • Remind me,” he paused, drawing in a stuttered gasp, “to never piss you off again. Christ, are you secretly a ninja?”
  • “I may not look like much, but I’m an expert at pretending to be a ninja.”
  • “Ninjas don’t wish upon a star, they throw them.”
  • “Achievement. Just another skill of a ninja.”
  • “To become a vampire, you must be bitten by one. To become a ninja, you first have to allow yourself to be one.”
  • “A master can teach many things. But the most important lesson for a ninja is to learn oneself.”
  • “I’m a natural-born ninja saddled with the awkward grace of a drunk camel.”
  • True ninjas are always outnumbered, because they are individuals.”
  • “Later she would think about how he’d snuck up on her so silently. The man was on crutches – what was he, a ninja or something?”
  • “You’re just a really loud, awkward ninja, but we are both ninjas.”
  • “Fighting is easy. Tranquility is hard.”
  • “Humans lose focus of the big picture when they’re drunken in the midst of their feelings.
  • Ninjas are far more important to science than anyone realises. If we could capture one to study, I think most of science’s biggest puzzles might be resolved.”
  • “Being skilled in Catsism is like being a ninja only deadlier and not so silent. The only bad thing is the sickening grammar you have to use.”
  • “If you are afraid of dying it just like being afraid fly because that’s the only way a human being can fly”
  • “No one knew what was wrong with me or what kind of sick joke my head was playing, but it felt like a ninja was chopping my heart.”
  • “Never become so attached to following the path that you cease to question whether you should still be on it.”
  • “Your tense,” Will observed, staring out the windshield.
  • “I have a ninja sitting shotgun. Of course I’m tense.”
  • “A mask does not hide who you are, it shows exactly what you want others to see.”
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“Anything can be a weapon in imaginative hands.”

  • “When all else fails, when you hit a brick wall, let the enemy reveal themselves by giving them what they’re looking for.
  • “True love is limitless, patience and forgiveness are not…
  • To succeed is to never believe in failure.”
  • “Don’t use your mommy ninja skills on me.”
  • “Io mantengo sempre le mie promesse”
  • “If you look for a reason to fight someone, then given reason you would fight everyone.
  • At The Gym Im Like A Ninja Youll Never See Me There


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