Quotes About Remembering Were You Came From

Roots Remembered: Quotes Reflecting on Where You Came From

Ahana Agrawal

You can not decide where you come from. It is nature, it is God who decide where you are being ...

One Word Comments For Girl Pic On Instagram

Trendy One-Word Compliments for Girls’ Instagram Pics

Niraj Patel

Social media is a place where everyone is highly active and they love to post their photographs or videos related ...

message for exam best of luck

Best of Luck Messages for Your Exams: Inspiring Words to Boost Confidence and Success

Niraj Patel

As exams approach, the pressure mounts, and the nerves kick in. It’s a time when a few words of encouragement ...

Crushing On Someone Quotes 
for Your Beloved Crush

Moving Forward: Quotes to Aid in Getting Over Someone


They say you should always have a plan B or you should think about a different plan if something goes ...

Instant Connection With Someone Quotes

Instant Bonds: Quotes Celebrating Immediate Connections with Someone


There is a song in Bollywood, “Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle ka naata koi, Yoon Hi Nahi Dil Lubhata Koi.” Which ...

Being Proud of Someone Quotes

Expressing Pride: Quotes to Let Someone Know You’re Proud of Them


When someone you love is doing great and has achieved their goals, you will be proud of them. When they ...

Taking a Chance on Someone Quotes

Taking a Leap: Quotes on Taking a Chance on Someone


Faith is what keeps us alive! Taking a risk, taking a chance, doing something that you have never done, it’s ...

When You Truly Love Someone Quotes

Authentic Affection: Quotes on When You Truly Love Someone

Amit Chauhan

Love is an extra ordinary feeling that nobody can describe in words. It’s like a blessing, it gives you butterflies ...

Vibing With Someone Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Vibing Together: Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Ahana Agrawal

When someone has same sense of humor as you, same interest as you, it is like matching vibes with them. ...

Praying for Someone Quotes

Praying for Someone Quotes : Pray Quotes


Remembering someone in your prayers isn’t something that you can do intentionally. It comes naturally! It comes automatically! We can ...

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