The Child That Brought Us Together : A Short Love Story


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One fine day while playing PUBG, Rajeev got a phone call from his girlfriend Shriya. He was too close to a chicken dinner. So, he declined the call.

Phone rang again, he declined it. Shriya kept calling continuously.

“I think there is a problem,” thought Rajeev and accepted the call.
Before he could say something, he heard the noises coming from the phone. The noise was a combination of 2 or 3 females and a male yelling at Shriya.

Rajeev got worried and said, “Hello, Shriya? Are you there? What’s wrong baby?”

“I’m Preg.. Pregn.. Pregnant..,” said Shriya in a shivering voice.

It took Rajeev a second to understand the situation. He knew that somehow her family has found about the pregnancy and his girlfriend is deep neck in trouble.

“I’m bringing my family to your home. Let’s discuss about getting married,” said Rajeev confidently and hung up the call.

Scene I

(Rajeev ran to the hall where his mom and dad were watching a TV show.)

“Mamma, Papa, We need to talk about something. It’s really serious and a matter of life,” said Rajeev interrupting them (in a horrified voice).

“What’s the problem dear? Don’t worry we’ll find a solution! Just let us know what actually happened?,” asked Mr. Kulkarni (father of Rajeev)

“Dad, remember the XYZ colony girl I told you about? I mean Shirya…,” said Rajeev

“Keep Going,” his father told.

“Dad, she is pregnant and… and… her family knows this and now she is really worried.. Let’s meet her parents and ask for her hand?,” said Rajeev.

“WTF are you talking? How can you be so stupid? I’m ashamed of your work today. You’re not my child,” said Mrs. Kulkarni angrily (throwing the remote on Rajeev).

“What’s done is done, now we can’t change anything but we can fix things, let’s visit her parents and see what we can do?,” said Rajeev’s Father.

Scene II

Rajeev and his family enters Shriya’s house (Bhatiya Mansion). Rajeev rang the bell, which was answered by a little boy (Shriya’s brother). Seeing Rajeev with his family entering the house, Shriya’s eyes got shiny with hope. There are a few scattered things on the floor. Shriya’s father, sitting on sofa is silent, but gives an angry look.

“Get out of my house. You’ve spoiled life of my daughter,” said Mrs. Bhatiya

“Calm down Ma’am we’re here to discuss a solution of this issue,” replied Mr. Kulkarni

“We don’t need anything, there is nothing left to discuss. Your son is a bloody rogue who has spoiled future of our daughter and ruined all our respect in community,” said Mrs. Bhatiya

“Ssshhhh.. Keep calm dear.. Let them share their point of view and we need to handle this issue carefully. Relax!,” said Mr. Bhatiya

(Mr. Bhatiya greeted Rajeev’s family and asked them to sit and discuss)

“We are here to apologize for our son’s mistake and we think that if our children are in love with each other and if they have a better understanding and could live a happy life together, then let’s get them married. This will sort a lot,” proposed Mr. Kulkarni

“I raised her as my son and always fulfilled her wishes. But, never thought that she would kill all my expectations in future and do shameful things like this to our family,” replied Mr. Bhatiya

“I agree with your point sir. But, we’re humans and it’s our nature to make mistakes and we can not reverse what’s done but at least we can try to fix it,” said Mr. Kulkarni

“OK! If she is happy with him then who am I to stop her? Do you like him Shriya?,” asked Mr. Bhatiya

“Yes Daddy, I would like to settle down with him,” replied Shriya

(Both families made arrangements for wedding and Shriya tied knot with Rajeev)

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Scene III

A few months after wedding….
Bhatiya and Kulkarni family is in the hospital, awaiting to welcome the new member of families.

“Congratulations Rajeev! You’re now a father of a healthy young boy,” doctor delivered the good news and handed the child to Rajeev.

“Hey buddy! Welcome to the family. Go meet your grand parents first,” said Rajeev and handed over the young baby to his mother.

“Hey cutie!”
“So handsome ah!”
“He looks like his grand father.”
“Oh look at his nose it’s like his mother.”
(The maternity hall was filled with happiness and voices of little baby and two families, congratulating each other.)

Apart from this all, Rajeev was a bit tensed. He knew that it was not his child. Because things were getting worse day by day in their relation. He had a lot of questions in his mind. Like,
“Why did she betrayed me?”
“Who the hell is actual father of this kid?”
“Why she hid everything from me?”
“Why the guy cheated on her?”
“Maybe because she cheated on me?”
etc. etc. etc.

He wanted answers.. But he never questioned his wife and he won’t ever get enough strength to ask her… She might tell him about it? or Whatever… Rajeev controlled all his emotions and chose to be happy and accept the child. Because all he knew is, it’s “The Child That Brought Us Together.”

Hope you guys enjoyed the story. Please leave your suggestions for the betterment of upcoming stories.

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