Valentine Week List 2023 – From Rose Day to Valentine’s Day


valentine week list

Friends finally February is here. February, the month of changing seasons and blossoming flowers, the month of love filled with gifts, bouquets, surprises and other romantic gestures and most importantly the month of Valentine. Below we’ve added for you the complete Valentine Week List of 2023. It is definitely the month that symbolizes the meaning and importance of love in our lives. No matter whether you are dating, looking out for a partner or just ready to enjoy your own company by being single, the month is always regarded to be a month for fostering relationships with your kiths and kin, loving others and at last getting passionate with self-love.

The notion of Love is an integral part in our journey through the life. It is omnipresent and we seek it everywhere around ourselves. Be it our families, relationships, professions, interests or even the beauty of nature, every one of us wish to recognize and somewhere somehow come to realize the amazing experience of love. Love is truly a divine force that lies right within us, ready to be shared and experienced. The more you give it out, the more you receive it back. Bestow love and you will experience love for sure.

Although Valentine’s Day – the day to cherish love falls on February 14, the celebration kicks off a week ahead with Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day celebrated from February 7 to February 13. And finally the Valentine week 2023 concludes with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Week List 2023
Valentine Week List 2023

So get ready to go and celebrate the month of love and week of Valentine by spending plentiful time with the one who matters the most to you. Love yourself, love your loved ones and also let them be aware of it. Express love every single day by saying that you love your beloved ones. Choose to love generously and blissfully to make this world a better place to live in.

Valentine Week List 2023

The week of love falls in February every year and each day signifies a different mood of love. As there is no specific definition of love. No matter how smartly you try to put it in words, you will always feel and find short for words to give a precise meaning. People have their own perceptions and perspectives on love, depending upon their realization of the concept. So, lets not waste your time and let the love spread all around you. Here is the list of days celebrated during valentine week.

Rose Day 2023

happy rose day 2022

There is no better way to express your love for someone than to give them a rose. Why rose? Because rose is regarded as the flower king and more specifically it comes in different colors which depicts its own meaning and importance. For example, yellow is for friendship, red is devoted to love and so on. Rose Day is celebrated on 7th of February. This 2023, Rose day is coming on Tuesday.

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Propose Day 2023

propose day in 2022

Though your gestures give out some sort of hints to the other person that you like them or have fallen for them. But, the toughest part is to put those feelings into words. This is where propose day is an opportunity to express your deepest emotions to your special one. Save the date, this year propose day is scheduled on February 8th which is Wednesday.

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Chocolate Day 2023

when is chocolate day

Everyone is fond of chocolates. They come in different shape, size, color and flavors. Whether it is your sibling or buddy you can get a favor easily by offering them a chocolate. It works in every damn situation. So, why it won’t work when you’re trying to ask someone out for a date? Love is as sweet as chocolate. Try combining love and chocolate together and speak your heart out. Chocolate Day will be observed on February 9th, Thursday in 2023.

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Teddy Day 2023

when is teddy day

Teddy is the best buddy for one and all. You can hug them in happiness or shed tears on them in sorrow. You can feel the warmth by cuddling them in cold nights. They act as your partner as well as pillow. Keeping in mind these facts, teddy is an obvious choice to be gifted to someone whom you care a lot. On coming Friday, February 10th, pick the best teddy from the shop near you and gift it to your loved one.

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Promise Day 2023

When is promise Day in 2022

It is said that promises are meant to be broken. But, we deny the fact and contrary believe that promises are to be kept forever. A promise is your commitment towards anything or anyone you care about. This promise day, 11th of Feb, you can make a promise to someone you love.

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Hug Day 2023

when is hug day

A hug doesn’t only connects your hearts or give you warmth. But, it also takes away all your stress and refreshes the all over mood. Hug Day falls on 6th day of Valentines week. Which will be celebrated on Sunday, February 12, 2023.

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Kiss Day 2023

kiss day date 2022

Kissing someone is a special feeling. It is not just about French kiss or a smooch but a forehead kiss could make someone feel secure. A kiss on cheek shows affection and there is a lot we can talk about kisses. Kiss Day is second last day of valentines week list which is 13th of Feb, 2023 on Monday.

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Valentine’s Day 2023

when is valentine day

Well, there is no specific day to love someone but valentines day is something special. Lovers wait for it for a year long! But, this 2023, the day is coming on Monday and we all know how hectic the day is! It is on 14th February 2023, Tuesday.

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