what a pregnant woman needs from her husband quotes

What A Pregnant Woman Needs From Her Husband Quotes

Mridul Navgotri

The whole journey of pregnancy is really amazing and filled with unique challenges along with the joy. Today, we have ...

struggles you never know what someone is going through quotes

Struggles You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through Quotes

Niraj Patel

Until and unless you don’t walk the way that someone has recently crossed, you never know what obstacles they have ...

you can lead a horse to water similar quotes

You Can Lead A Horse To Water Similar Quotes for Instagram

Amit Chauhan

Each day, trillions of people utter unnumbered words and only some of them are useful. But, only a few become ...

quotes about being happy with yourself

Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself for Instagram


It’s not true that you need someone’s company to be happy! You are blessed, you can feel awesome without the ...

i love you to the moon and back similar quotes

I Love You To The Moon And Back Similar Quotes That Make Good Instagram Captions

Ahana Agrawal

Love has nothing to do about limits, it understands no boundaries and has no control over anything! If your love ...

quotes about who you surround yourself with

Quotes About Who You Surround Yourself With

Niraj Patel

You can not build your personality by yourself! It comes from your surrounding only. How you dress, how you behave ...

i can't stop thinking about you quotes

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Quotes

Abhishek Malhotra

It’s not just water, air and food but it’s our emotions that keep us alive. It’s our feelings that differ ...

quotes about people who talk behind your back

Quotes About People Who Talk Behind Your Back

Amit Chauhan

This world is full with different kind of people. Some get happy for your success while on other hand some ...

i want to know everything about you quotes

I Want To Know Everything About You Quotes

Ahana Agrawal

Falling in love with someone and knowing everything about them are two different things. When you are only in love, ...

sad quotes about your crush not liking you

Sad Quotes About Your Crush Not Liking You That Make Good Instagram Captions Too


It is not always possible that the person you like will like you back or give you the same attention ...