quotes about being hurt but still smiling

Quotes About Being Hurt But Still Smiling

Niraj Patel

Life isn’t always about being happy, smiling or living with joy. Sometimes you have to go through pain, you are ...

Meeting Friends After Long Time Caption for Instagram

2023’s Meeting Friends After Long Time Caption for Instagram That Say A Lot About Friendship

Niraj Patel

The fun of spending time with your friends is invaluable. Life without friends seems to be hard, we would never ...

Quotes About Being Alone And Finding Yourself

Quotes About Being Alone And Finding Yourself

Niraj Patel

In this world full of people and their mean actions, it is really hard to find your peace and actual ...

quotes about being used by someone you love

Quotes About Being Used By Someone You Love

Niraj Patel

Being in love with someone is a wonderful feeling. When you are in love, you are on the seventh sky, ...

quotes about being a good person at heart

Quotes About Being A Good Person At Heart

Mridul Navgotri

There are many people who think that money is everything! Some say technology is everything and the way we are ...

quotes about being a strong woman and moving on

Quotes About Being A Strong Woman And Moving On

Amit Chauhan

You don’t have to pretend or you don’t have to build yourself for this, women are already strong. They’re the ...

Groucho Marx Quotes

The Funniest Collection of Groucho Marx Quotes

Niraj Patel

Groucho Marx was an American comedian, writer, stage, film, radio and television star. Julius Henry (Groucho Marx) was born on ...

body shaming quotes

Motivational Body Shaming Quotes for Instagram to Boost Confidence

Niraj Patel

First of all you have to admit that no one has got the ‘perfect body’. Instagram and social media, where ...

beach quotes

110+ Perfect Beach Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Niraj Patel

Often people like to roam in the morning and evening, there are many people who roam in the morning, there ...

trust issue quotes

Trust Issue Quotes That Proves Trust is Everything

Niraj Patel

Where there is faith there is no need of proof. But trusting someone blindly is also not a good idea. ...