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cuddle quotes

50+ Captions – The Best, Cutest, and Most Beautiful Cuddle Quotes for Couple

Niraj Patel

To express their love and affection, lovers embrace their spouse, friend, etc. with great love. A hug is a process ...

Date Night caption for instagram

Captivating Captions for Your Instagram Date Night Photos

Amit Chauhan

Going out for a dinner or hangout with your beloved one is such a great experience. It takes a lot ...

Love Messages for Her

25 Most Romantic Love Messages, Quotes for Her


Love is the most beautiful feelings in this world. Nobody can explain this feeling. No combination of 26 Alphabet is ...

emotional quotes about life and love

70+ Emotional Quotes about Life and Love

Niraj Patel

Emotions and our control over them are what we are. These emotions can make us happy as well as make ...

i love you no matter what quotes for him

I Love You No Matter What Quotes For Him

Mridul Navgotri

Love is love, you can’t find a star saying “conditions apply” on love. If there are conditions or boundaries, it’s ...

i love you to the moon and back similar quotes

I Love You To The Moon And Back Similar Quotes That Make Good Instagram Captions

Ahana Agrawal

Love has nothing to do about limits, it understands no boundaries and has no control over anything! If your love ...

i can't stop thinking about you quotes

I Can’t Stop Thinking About You Quotes

Abhishek Malhotra

It’s not just water, air and food but it’s our emotions that keep us alive. It’s our feelings that differ ...

i want to know everything about you quotes

I Want To Know Everything About You Quotes

Ahana Agrawal

Falling in love with someone and knowing everything about them are two different things. When you are only in love, ...

Nicholas Sparks Quotes About Love

Nicholas Sparks Quotes About Love Which are Truly Magical


Born in 1965, Nicholas Charles Sparks, isn’t only an American novelist! He is also a screenwriter, film producer, he record-holding ...

long distance relationship quotes

Cute Long Distance Relationship Quotes Tumblr for Couples

Niraj Patel

When we know a person very well and live with him or love someone for a long time, then that ...