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soulmate quotes

Soulmate Quotes With Love For Your Better Half

Niraj Patel

A soulmate is a word that fills you with positivity because having such a person in life who fills a ...

husband quotes

70+ Love and Affection Quotes for Husband

Niraj Patel

It can be a little difficult to express how much you love your husband. He is a person who is ...

first love quotes

First Love Quotes Written from the Depths of Heart

Niraj Patel

First love introduces you to events that you have never experienced before. The things that happened during the first love ...

life partner quotes

50+ Life Partner Quotes to Express Your Emotions

Niraj Patel

A life partner is someone with whom you’re ready to spend the rest of your life. Or in other words, ...

Bob Marley Quotes

Bob Marley Quotes on Love, Life and Money

Niraj Patel

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945, in Nine Miles. His father was a white British naval captain named ...

Frank Sinatra Quotes

Frank Sinatra Quotes on Life, Love & Music

Niraj Patel

Francis Albert “Frank” Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken. He was an American singer and motion-picture actor ...

Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes

25 Best Elizabeth Gilbert Quotes on Love and Life


Elizabeth Gilbert is an award-winning author. She is best known for Eat, Pray, Love. Over 12 million copies of this ...