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Steve Jobs Quotes

Top 23 Steve Jobs Quotes on Innovation


Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Inc. has changed our lives by bringing technological revolution. His inventions have eased so ...

quotes about being happy with yourself

Quotes About Being Happy With Yourself for Instagram


It’s not true that you need someone’s company to be happy! You are blessed, you can feel awesome without the ...

Quotes About Being Alone And Finding Yourself

Quotes About Being Alone And Finding Yourself

Niraj Patel

In this world full of people and their mean actions, it is really hard to find your peace and actual ...

Perseverance Quotes

Motivational Perseverance Quotes For When You Feel Like Giving Up

Niraj Patel

The difference between impossible and possible depends on the determination of an individual. Even impossible tasks become possible with strong ...

sadhguru quotes

200+ Sadhguru Quotes To Live By

Amit Chauhan

Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev aka Sadhguru/Sadguru is an Indian mystic and Yogi. Born in Mysore on 3 September 1957, Sadhguru’s transformational ...

These 51 Funny Motivational Quotes will Brighten Your Day


When everything is screwed up and you can’t focus on work, you need lots of determination and motivation to fix ...

Business Motivational Quotes

Business Motivational Quotes to Inspire Entrepreneurs

Niraj Patel

Business is all about ups and downs. You can not guarantee success! All you can do is predict and sometimes ...

burnout quotes

Burnout Quotes and Captions for Instagram 2023

Niraj Patel

Beyond the everyday stress of work, burnout can cause serious negative effects on our mental and physical well-being. However, it ...

Dave Chappelle Quotes

Inspiring Dave Chappelle Quotes About Life & Success

Niraj Patel

Dave Chappelle, byname of David Khari Webber Chappelle, (born August 24, 1973, Washington, D.C., U.S.) is an American comedian and ...

mohandas karamchand gandhi quotes

35 Mahatma Gandhi Quotes on Change, Success and Leadership


Here is a collection of Mahatma Gandhi Quotes to give you more inspiration. Gandhi is well known for his work ...