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Best Pablo Escobar Quotes in Spanish

Pablo Escobar is one of the richest criminals in history, at that time Pablo’s income was 21 billion Doller per year. Pablo accounted for 80 percent of the coc#ine smuggled in America in 80s, that’s why he was called the King of C#caine. Pablo was born on 1 December 1949 in Colombia and he died on 2 December 1993. He started this work in the 70s. You will be surprised to know that Pablo had a private zoo in which there were hundreds of animals, He was very fond of helping the poor, he had built hospital, housing and many things for the poor, due to which he was also called Robin Hood. He died after being shot by the police. Your search for best Pablo Escobar from Narcos quotes ends here! Below you will find the best Pablo Escobar Quotes in Spanish.

Pablo Escobar Quotes in Spanish

Pablo Escobar in Spanish

Larga Vida A Mis Enemigos Para Que Puedan Ver Mi Gloria.

pablo escobar spanish quotes

Un Heroe Para El Pueblo. Una Piedra En El Zapato Para El Gobierno.

spanish quotes pablo escobar

Hay Tres Maneras De Hacer Las Cosas: Bien, Mal Y Como Las Hago Yo.

quotes spanish pablo escobar

Mentiras São Necessárias, Quando A Verdade. É Muito Dificil De Acreditar. Certo?

pablo spanish quotes

Ser Pobre No Te Hace Humilde, Ser Humilde No Significa Que Seas Pobre.


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Tranquilo Muo Que Si Hoy Perdio Manana Le Tocara Ganar

pablo escobar quotes in spanish for IG

Los Tiempos Cambian Muo Puede Que Hoy No Tenga Nada Y Manana Lo Tenga Tood

pablo escobar spanish caption

Mientras Llega La Indicada, Hay Que Disfrutar De Las Incorrectas.

pablo escobar ig quotes

Mijo, Cuida Como A Un Tesoro A Lo Que No Puedas Comprar Con Dinero.

Best Pablo Escobar Quotes in Spanish

Me hablas te hablo, me ignoras te ignoro, me tratas mal, yo te trato peor, tú me tratas bien, yo te trato mejor. Así de simple.


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