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moira rose quotes

Moira Rose Quotes That Are Inspirational, Funny And About Motherhood

Niraj Patel

The famous fiction character Moira Rose is played by Catherine O’Hara. She was cast by her collaborator Eugene Levy. Catherine ...

pablo escobar quotes

Best of Pablo Escobar Quotes & Sayings – Narcos Quotes


Here we present the most famous Pablo Escobar Quotes, sayings and captions. If you’re a big fan of Narcos series ...

one piece quotes

Best One Piece Quotes from Zoro, Luffy and Sanji

Niraj Patel

The anime television series “One Piece” premiered on Fuji TV in October 1999. It is based on “manga series of ...

spongebob quotes

Best SpongeBob Quotes That Make Amazing Instagram Captions

Niraj Patel

Stephen Hillenborn created Sponge Bob SquarePants, an animated television series for Nickelodeon. It first aired on Nickelodeon’s network in 1999. ...

parks and recreation quotes

Top Parks and Recreation Quotes That Are Inspiring & Funny

Niraj Patel

Parks and Recreation has given us seven great seasons. Parks and Recreation is an American political satire mock sitcom television ...

Tyrion Lannister Quotes

50+ Best Tyrion Lannister Quotes From Game of Thrones

Niraj Patel

Lord Tyrion Lannister, who is also called The Halfman and the Imp and also has the nickname Hugor Hill, is ...

letterkenny quotes

Best and funniest Letterkenny Quotes, Sayings and One Liners

Niraj Patel

Letterkenny is a Canadian television show that follows the residents of Letterkenny, Ontario, which is a rural town in Ontario. ...

madara uchiha quotes

40+ Famous Madara Uchiha Quotes for All Naruto Fans Out There

Niraj Patel

If you’re a true fan of anime and manga series Naruto, you might have also fell in love with Madara ...

ted lasso quotes

55+ Ted Lasso Quotes from the Best Comedy on TV

Niraj Patel

Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly developed the American sports comedy-drama streaming television series Ted Lasso. The ...

Itachi Quotes

Itachi Quotes: Best Quotes From Naruto’s Anti-hero Itachi Uchiha

Niraj Patel

Itachi Uchiha is a fictional character created by Masashi Kishimoto in the Naruto manga and anime series. Itachi Uchiha is ...

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